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What is a car insurance policy?

A motor insurance policy protects your motor vehicle from unforeseen risks and secures it against an accident or loss, theft and third party liabilities. A car owner pays yearly premiums to a motor insurance company, and the insurer pays the claim in case of any damage to the vehicle due to accident.

Why should you buy a car insurance policy?

Here are 6 key reasons to buy four wheeler insurance in India..

1 It’s mandatory by the law

As per the Motor Vehicles Act of India, it is compulsory for all running vehicles on the road to be insured. As a car owner, you must have third party liability coverage.

2 Saves you from traffic fine

As per the new Motor Vehicle Act 2019, being caught while driving without insurance for the first time can cost you ₹2000 as traffic fine and ₹4000 subsequently.

3 Provides personal accident coverage

Our private car package policy provides a coverage of ₹15 lakh for the registered owner-driver of the vehicle while travelling in, mounting or dismounting from the car. The compensation is provided to the family in case of death of the registered owner-driver due to an accident.

4 Gives easy access to cashless garages

Car insurance companies have a network of cashless garages that take care of your car post accident. The insurance company pays for your damages as per its liability and settles your claim cashlessly with the garage.

5 Provides own damage (OD) coverage

A car insurance policy ensures that the damages caused to a car due to an accident are paid by the insurance company. However, there are certain exclusions in an auto insurance policy that should be carefully read.

6 Covers your car against theft

In case your car is stolen and cannot be recovered, a car insurance policy pays for your loss as per the insured declared value of your car. This is another reason why a comprehensive car insurance policy is important.

We offer all that you require! Choose as per your needs.

A comprehensive car insurance policy offers complete protection to the owner-driver. It covers not only the costs incurred on damages to a third party but also the damages to your car. This policy type also covers car theft and damages caused by fire, burglary and natural disasters.

With our stand-alone own-damage car insurance, you are covered for damages to your car. These could be due to natural disasters like earthquake, flood, cyclone, landslide, etc. or due to man-made disasters like theft, burglary, riot, strike, etc.

In this type of insurance policy, the owner is covered against legal liabilities arising out of an accident. Under this type of car insurance policy, if your car causes injuries to a third party or damages surrounding property then the expenses will be taken care of by your insurer.

Affordable premiums, easy renewals, quick claim settlement are some of the key features of our comprehensive car insurance policy. We also have a set of certified workshops that provide digital survey* for speedy claim approval, pick-up and drop, sanitisation of high touch points on your car, dedicated customer service manager and quality assurance** on repairs. You can pick one of them while making a claim with us.

Besides, we also offer unique additional covers at a nominal extra premium that can significantly boost your car insurance plan. Opting for add-ons in a comprehensive car insurance policy helps save a lot of money. The add-ons provide our private car insurance package policyholder with extra cover or services in case of accidents.