Founded in 2011 Medihealthplan Insurance company

Devyani enterprises Company Limited was incorporated as a Company on may 2011.

Today’s digital world has made consumption of information easy and equipped people to research and understand what they need, and how they can fulfill that need. Being a new-age life insurance company, we have taken a bold leap and migrated to a digital and direct-to-customer approach in a bid to empower customers to make their own financial decisions.

Since our inception in 2011, we, at Devyani enterprises Insurance are driven by our values – wow the customer, spread awareness, think ahead and an undying passion to perform. It is because of our team’s dedication towards these values that we have been able to provide a unique combination of product quality and a superlative customer service.

With a recent global study estimating 92% underinsurance in a typical Indian household, customer education has become more important than ever. In line with this concerning statistic, spreading awareness and educating customers on adequate protection by meaningfully engaging with them is the highest priority for us at Devyani enterprises Insurance.

We are dedicated towards helping our customers secure their long-term financial future.

Mr. Amit Gupta

What We Do

We provide general insurance solutions to secure you and your family against unexpected and untoward events. With medihealthplan, you can avail protection solutions for business, personal and project liabilities across rural as well as urban areas in India.

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